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We offer shingles in a number of styles, as they tend to be the most popular in residential areas. We install shingles and negotiate them by a reasonable price. The installation is fairly easy for our team of skilled professionals.

TPO / Flat Roofing

TPO (or flat roofing) is known as thermal plastic olefin and is water resistant, durable, and environmentally friendly. For this reason, it is one of the most ideal choices for older and newer buildings alike.

Leak Repairs

Leaks should not be taken lightly as, without repair, they could potentially ruin flooring and furniture. Usually, leaks are caused by localized damage; our contractors will help you find the source of the leak and then devise the best plan to fix it.

Roof Decks

We offer roof deck repairs and installations. We’ll ensure that you get a full roof package that includes replacing rotten roof decking if necessary. We will make sure your roof has a strong foundation.

Roof Inspection

Knowing the condition of your roof can better your position, especially if you are buying or selling your house. Our contractors will accurately determine your roof’s life expectancy and condition.

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